Please take a moment to hear what our students and their families have to say about our programs. Read their comments about their personal experiences with AMBYESE.

    • AMBYESE is filled with driven volunteers who want young people to strive for excellence. Through the three week long AMBYESE program I was able visit companies and see what they are looking for in an employee. I was able to get a picture of what I need to accomplish if I wanted to work at companies like Pepsico or IBM. AMBYESE provided me with an opportunity that I would not have had otherwise afforded, but through the Mr. Johnson's hard work and dedication along side their numerous volunteers and sponsors I was able to complete the program at no cost to my mother.
      — Britney, B.S. MIS, B.A. Psy., University of Connfecticut
    • The Yes I Can Program provided my son with several key components that will continue to influence him throughout the rest of life. The program taught him to take responsibility for his future, develop key relationships with everyone he encounters, while providing him with key recommendations to enhance his resume. The program has influenced my son’s life in so many ways. Thank you Mr. Johnson for all of your hard work with our youth. Also thank you Mrs. Johnson for being a positive female role model in my son’s life. Because of both of you, my son continues to succeed. I hope you continue providing our community with this important program.
      — Parent of Darnel, Dean’s List, Bentley University
    • I can attest as to what a positive impact the YES I Can program has had on my daughter's college and career choices. The carefully designed program allowed the students to develop their intellectual ability by attending classes at UCONN during the summer. The volunteers nurtured the students to achieve and succeed. The program also allowed them to explore career opportunities that may lead to their majors. The exposure of real world experiences had a major impact on helping my daughter decide what her interests and passions were.

      The AMBYESE Y.E.S. I can program positively contributed to her success as a student and employee. We are grateful for the opportunity afforded her in the program and highly recommend this to students in the Fairfield County area.

      — Parent of Sarah, B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Penn State University